How to Use

Instead of "Happy New Year! All the best… Edward", write "Happy New Year first_name! All the best… signature" (you don’t need to actually write the fields, just pick them from the menu), Choose the recipients and let YouNameIt do all the rest… Your friend John will get the message "Happy New Year John! All the best… Edward", Tina will at the same time get a personal message as follows "Happy New Year Tina! All the best… Edward". And so on… all, in one click. Just stroke the field to the right place in the message and the application will bring the figure shown for the phone number. To prevent errors YouNameIt will show you the text message to each individual recipient before the sending phase. At this point you can also edit any personal messages and change them from the version intended for all recipients.

Sample other uses:

"hello first_name last_name, Remember, training takes place at 9:30 today as planned. Sincerely,  signature"